Ad-Hoc network with Chromecast and Windows 8.

I love the Chromecast device. It works great, and for the price, WOW!

I travel pretty often and most hotel wireless networks require signing in. Not to mention I usually have horrible signal strength. So to remedy this I created an Ad-Hoc wireless network from my Windows 8 laptop, and configured the Chromecast on this network. Everything works perfectly.

What I had to do:

Create the Ad Hoc network within Windows 8:


The command is as follows: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=jc-wifi key=password

jc-wifi is my ad hoc SSID

Next I had to start the network:


Next I just connected to the Chromecast, and configured my settings. Everything worked, execpt the Chromecast kept saying “Connected but no internet” – This actually stoped the Chromecast from being casted to.

I had to go in and Enable internet connection sharing on the Virtual adapter, and make sure it was set to use DHCP (for some reason it set a Static IP)


I then selected the correct connection (ad hoc) to share with. And everything worked great!

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