Copy Files to Cisco ASA with SCP

Recently I had to upload a new Anyconnect image to a ASA. I was running out of options. I used SCP for the first time, a little slow but worked great.

First enable SCP to be used:

config t

ssh scopy enable

Then use a SCP client like Putty’s PSCP.exe to copy the file over. The command I used was:

pscp.exe image username@ip-of-ASA:Image-on-ASA-Name

pscp.exe anyconnect-win-3.1.05178-k9.pkg admin@

I kept getting the error: Fatal: Received unexpected end-of-file from server

I googled for this a long time, and nothing. So a good answer: This meant that the flash was full, and there was not enough room to save the file. I removed the old images, and copied this one just fine.




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