Vyatta Default gateway Script creation

I had to add a script into Vyatta the other day due to a bug in the OS. Well, bug might be a bad word, I think it was a driver issue with the NICs we were using. Any, the Vyatta would show the NIC as operation and up, but would not add the IP subnet configured on it into the routing table. Because of this, the default gateway would never come up. Since Vyatta is really just Debian the script creation is very simple.

This was Brocade’s VRouter 6.6 R3.

What I did was create a script in /etc/rc.d/ , change privileges, and then add it to rc.local.

Sample script

sudo route add default gw eth3

I save this into /etc/inid.d

then run : sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/Default-GW-Script

Next edit /etc/rc.local and add the script to run.

After a restart this came up no problem.




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