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SNMPv3 on Ruckus 9.7

I was having some trouble getting SNMPv3 up and working on PRTG and Solarwinds. It was a straight forward config but something wasn’t working. The following steps will show how to configure SNMPv3 on Ruckus ZD, and pull info from it on PRTG. Why SNMPv3? it offers a lot of more features such as encryption and user authentication. Definition:

SNMP Version 3 (SNMPv3) adds security and remote configuration  capabilities to the previous versions. The SNMPv3 architecture  introduces the User-based Security Model (USM) for message security and  the View-based Access Control Model (VACM) for access control. The  architecture supports the concurrent use of different security, access  control, and message processing models. More specifically: Security

First we will configure the ZD

Enable the SNMPv3 agent, and create your user/pass/hash/encryption.


For some reason you have to have a R/W user in the ZD. This does not seem to be a requirement of v3.

Next lets configure PRTG, and find out where I made my mistake.


So everything is pretty straight forward, but I was putting admin in for my context name as well. This was breaking the connection.

The context name is a collection of management information accessible by an SNMP entity.  A context is identified by the snmpEngineID value of the entity hosting the management information (also called a contextEngineID) and a context name that identifies the specific context (also called a contextName).

That was it, everything worked fine after that.