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How to get Fortigate interface statistics such as errors/discards

Recently I have needed to get the interface statistics like errors and discards for a Fortigate 5.2. I was using the normal commands that I knew, and some from google such as “diag hardware deviceinfo nic wan1” But had no luck with these commands getting errors/discard count. Maybe this is something they removed.

I started doing some research and found that there was a command that would drop you down to a very limited Linux shell. There are a few commands that are support such as “ifconfig”. This blew me away. I have been wondering if there was a command like this for a long time.

Log in through CLI, and run ” fnsysctl <command>” for example “fnsysctl ls”.

So to get the interface stats, I would just run: “fnsysctl ifconfig port16” or whatever port you want to look at.


And there we go. I have search for some other ways to get this, and have not found anything. If someone finds something better please pass it along.