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Recover Cisco 9200 switch from firmware loss

recently I had an issue where the firmware on a 9200 switch was corrupted. This can help during an upgrade, or removal, etc.

After a reboot the switch came up to rom monitor mode, no biggie I thought- just copy the firmware from USB over to flash and install. This did not work, I continued to get error: “Unsupported destination device/filesystem.” see below-

switch: copy usbflash0:cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin flash
Unsupported destination device/filesystem.

I then booted from the USB image and installed the system that way. My steps were:

  • Frist check the file on USB and make sure its there/get the name.

switch: dir usbflash0:

Attributes Size Name

D-HS- 0 System Volume Information
—-A 482856473 cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin

Then set my switch to boot to this value :

switch: boot usbflash0:cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin

This fully loaded up the switch, and came up at a default setup screen. Once there I copied over the file VIA TFTP to flash. The device would not recognize the USB drive now (Probably cause I booted from it). Once copied to flash, I just installed normally, and rebooted.

Switch# install add file flash:/cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin activate commit
install_add_activate_commit: START Thu Feb 10 16:59:35 UTC 2022
Feb 10 16:59:36.334: %INSTALL-5-INSTALL_START_INFO: R0/0: install_engine: Started install one-shot flash:/cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin
Feb 10 16:59:36.334 %INSTALL-5-INSTALL_START_INFO: R0/0: install_engine: Started install one-shot flash:/cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bin

*Feb 10 16:59:36.297: %INSTALL-5-INSTALL_START_INFO: Switch 1 R0/0: install_engine: Started install one-shot flash:/cat9k_lite_iosxe.17.03.04b.SPA.bininstall_add_activate_commit: Adding PACKAGE
install_add_activate_commit: Checking whether new add is allowed ….

This operation requires a reload of the system. Do you want to proceed?
Please confirm you have changed boot config to flash:packages.conf [y/n]y


Next you have to change the boot config – or else it will go back to rom monitor.

config t

boot system flash:packages.conf


wr mem

That’s it!

Reset HP 5900 back to default

Below is how to factory reset a HP 5900. This will remove all configuration.

reset saved-configuration main

reset saved-configuration backup
The saved configuration file will be erased. Are you sure? [Y/N]:y
Configuration file in flash: is being cleared.
Please wait …
Configuration file is cleared.
Start to check configuration with next startup configuration file, please wait………DONE!
Current configuration may be lost after the reboot, save current configuration? [Y/N]:n
This command will reboot the device. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Now rebooting, please wait…
%Dec 31 19:03:00:203 2010 Switch-Dal-Core DEV/5/SYSTEM_REBOOT: System is rebooting now.

Thats it! the main thing to remember is to reset both the saved-configuration main, and backup slots. Then reboot, and make sure not to save the configuration.

Ruckus ICX untagged vlan port config

I have been working with Brocade ICX and now Ruckus ICX for a few years now. They are awesome switches.

I was asked a couple of times about something that was happening when someone would try and set the untagged or access vlan on a port. They would get this error:

error – port ethe x/x/x are not member of default vlan

The reason we were getting this error is because other vlans were attached to port as either untagged or tagged. To put a port into a vlan other than default as ‘untagged’ we need to make sure no other vlans are bound to that port. To do this we can check what vlans are attached to the port. In this scenario my default vlan is 999. It would be 1 on a switch that it was not manually changed on.

switch#show vlan br eth 1/1/3

Port 1/1/3 is a member of 2 VLANs

VLANs 32 48

Untagged VLAN : 999

Tagged VLANs : 32 48

Great, so now we know its untagged 999 (default) but tagged those 2 other ports. We need to remove the tags of 32 and 48 on this port before we can add it untagged into vlan 16 – which is the goal

switch#config t

switch(config)#vlan 32

switch(config-vlan-32)#no tag eth 1/1/3

switch(config-vlan-32)#vlan 48

switch(config-vlan-48)#no tag eth 1/1/3

Voice-vlan is cleared on port 1/1/3


switch(config)#vlan 16

switch(config-vlan-16)#unt eth 1/1/3

Added untagged port(s) ethe 1/1/3 to port-vlan 16.



switch#show vlan br eth 1/1/3

Port 1/1/3 is a member of 1 VLANs

VLANs 16

Untagged VLAN : 16

Tagged VLANs :


Thats it! now we are untagged or access in vlan 16. But wait! what if we wanted to have it be a trunk port to allow vlans 32/48 and be native 16. Then we would use the ‘Dual port’ command with the modification of the untagged vlan like this:

dual mode 16   — means untagged 16, but allow whatever vlans are tagged to pass. Of course vlans 16,32,48 would need to be tagged on the port first. I will write another entry about that.