Ruckus wireless – Stuck in provisioning

Sometimes when we deploy Ruckus APs remotley over a VPN, they will come up in the Zondirector but will stay on provisioning. then reboot after a bit, and then come back in as provisioning. The reason this happens is that the extra overhead of the added IPSEC header

The cause is the MTU on the Ruckus ZD. Sometime you will have to lower this due to the overhead added to the packet with the IPSEC tunnel.

To lower the MTU of the ZD (First step in troubleshooting APs across a VPN) is to go to configure – APs – and towards the bottom of the page you will see the MTU setting. I would lower this all the way for testing – Lower to 850 or 900. After lowing give the APs 5 minutes to show up in the ZD.


3 responses to “Ruckus wireless – Stuck in provisioning

  1. Tim D November 2, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    you rock, this fixed my issue!

  2. mixig December 21, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Dont need to go that low, defime max mtu with command (1450 is packet size)
    ping -f -l 1450 IP_address_zone_director
    Add 28 to max sized packet (ip header is 28byte) and you will get max mtu possible through the runnel

    Example eoip on mikrtik has 42 byte so mtu in ZD is set to 1458 and it works

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